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Mindhearted’s workshops create a safe haven for communicating about diversity so parents can gain self-awareness and have fun while discussing topics that tend to stump them. The lively, free-from-judgment discussion that often ensues will allow parents to look in the mirror and inspire them to Be Mindhearted.

“Mindhearted Parenting: Raising Open-Minded and Compassionate Children”

Length: 1-hour, ½ day or full day available

This core workshop explores and raises your awareness of how you see the world and people in it. You’ll become aware of how parents unconsciously pass off their biases to their children. And you’ll leave with practical tips and tools to revolutionize the way you parent and live.

Here’s what you will gain:

  • Diversity is not just about race or gender.
  • Talking to our children about diversity strengthens their own resolve to advocate for themselves leaving them less exposed to bullying.
  • A model to create meaningful conversations interspersed with teachable moments arising from ANY question.
  • An ability to create a safe space for your children to talk about all the things that keep us silent and separate from people we perceive to be different.

“Navigating The Talkor “Raising Children in a Race Conscious World”

Length: 1-hour, ½ day or full day available

Are you grappling with how to discuss race with your children?

Has something raised your awareness about race and the role it plays or doesn’t play within our society?

In this class you will learn:

  • Why all parents should talk to their children about race.
  • When you should talk to your children about race.
  • How you can do this in a healthy way without being an expert.

You will leave with practical tips and tools to revolutionize the way you parent and live that include:

  • How to start the conversation.
  • How to answer your children’s questions to eliminate the “awkward pause” and moments of fear or doubt.
  • How you can use your best attribute to support your child’s learning around this topic.
  • A discussion sheet to guide your conversation whether your child is a toddler, elementary age or a young adult.

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