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I have had the privilege of working with Kara in several different training capacities. Not only have I hired her as a consultant to lead various activities related to diversity in my own training program, but she was the first person I called when I wanted some professional development of my own! She is extremely professional, creative and reliable. I consider her one of my “go-to” experts for information and advice on training and cultural competency/diversity issues.

Ellen Johnson, Director of Frontline Focus, Chicago Jobs Council

Kara designs and facilitates a program that fosters respect and learning within an incredibly safe space. She helps parents unpack issues surrounding race, gender and privilege with methods that can be easily translated into conversations with children of any age. I felt more prepared as a parent and a person to address those issues with my children and family after hearing Kara.

Sarah R., mom of three kids ages, 6, 9 and 10

One of the simple, yet powerful things that really stood out for me in Kara’s workshop was the value of understanding the differences people have though choice, and others that we are born with and how we can change our conversations accordingly. I was able to empathize how difference can so easily be used to make us feel negative and I was challenged to look for ways to identify difference to define uniqueness and value. I look forward to putting these ideas into practice in the years ahead, and I will definitely be touching base with the Mindhearted community to refresh and expand this knowledge.

Aaron B., father of a 2-year-old girl

I really enjoyed Kara’s session and thought she had a lot of great material. It was fantastic!  I have spoken to a few people in my department and they really enjoyed your breakout sessions as well.  Thank you so much for making the symposium a success!  I am hoping we are able to do something more in the future.

Lynn W., Working Mother’s Council

From the first day I worked with Kara, I learned something that was not only new, but also profound. What I have learned from Kara is reflected in how I parent my three children and in how I view and treat just about every individual I interact with.

Colleen K., mom of 6-year-old twins and a 7 year old

The impact of Kara’s talk really enlightened me as to what my children could be feeling. I really never thought about difference in this way. I will be thinking about this discussion for a long time.

Tonya B., mom of a 5-year-old

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