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Kara’s Story


Growing up in an influential family of color in a small town outside of Chicago in the early 1970s provided a good life for me and my siblings. But, it was also lonely. Riding the bus to and from school highlighted my difference, as kids would snicker at me and whisper to each other. Somehow David and I banded together. We both wore glasses, were in honors classes and knew we were “the other.” Fighting for David when they violated his space proved to be an important exercise in standing up for myself and “the other.”

Fast-forwarding 40 years, I was working as an organizational development consultant specializing in diversity inclusion when my husband and I had our daughter. I realized then that I wanted to create a life and community for her that not only honored who she is, but one that she would feel connected to both in spite of difference and because of commonality.

Soon after, calls from colleagues asking me how they should respond to their children’s questions around diversity and clients telling me they wished they had these discussions growing up, led to the of founding of Mindhearted, Inc.

Bringing my expertise in process consulting from the corporate environment along with my ongoing learning in parent education and coaching to parents of all backgrounds across the U.S., Mindhearted, Inc., has become a real resource for families, empowering parents to weave discussions about diversity into their family tapestry.