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About Mindhearted

People often tell me, “I’m so proud my kids don’t see color.”

To which I say, “Do you?”

Just as we notice differences in gender, religious practice, skin color and abilities, so do our children. Creating a safe space for them to talk about it must be our goal.

Mindhearted, Inc. inspires parents to create an open dialogue with their children about today’s diverse world. Working together with parents to deconstruct their own ideas about difference, the Mindhearted learning process enriches the lives of its participants by uncovering the unique way we each view the world and the people in it.

Mindhearted empowers parents to be conscious in thought and action; to be intentional, self-aware and empathetic and to sync their mind with their heart, paving a path of inclusion for all children.

While parents invite Mindhearted to provide instruction on how children can relate to diversity, they often leave inspired to lead by their own example.

Mindhearted Principles:

  1. Validate real thoughtsToo often we shame our children for just acknowledging something they see is obvious.
  2. Teach empathyWhen children are given permission to honor their own differences, it gives them the fortitude to respect others’ differences.
  3. Build courageTalking openly with our children about bias and intolerance will make them more likely to speak up both when someone else is being bullied and for themselves.
  4. Create authentic connectionsThe sooner our children learn how to collaborate and connect across multiple cultures, the more successful they will be.

Be Mindhearted.