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A Mindhearted Welcome!

What is Mindhearted? It’s a word I created to describe a person who respects people regardless of background, beliefs, education, experience, gender, sexual identity, skin tone or ethnicity. Connect your mind and your heart to ensure you can answer yes to the idea that your actions match up with your beliefs. Too often our children are shamed for things they see that are very obvious, things we aren’t comfortable talking about. When our children are given permission to honor their own differences, it gives them the fortitude to respect others. Mindhearted Parenting (TM) helps to build courage in both parents and our kids because talking openly about bias and intolerance will make them more likely to speak up for themselves and others. The sooner our children can learn to collaborate and connect across multiple cultures, the more successful they become.

That is Mindhearted parenting in a nutshell.

As America’s first parental diversity counselor, my goal is to work with families to ensure parents and children engage in an open dialogue when it comes to the way we each view the world and the people in it. While I carry out that mission in many ways, including regular speaking engagements and face-to-face office visits, this website is another. I hope you’ll engage with me through key features like my Video Blog and E-Newsletter. You can also use the Resources page (Books On My Shelf, Vocab List) and visit the Work With Me page (Speaking, Workshops, One-on-One Coaching, Events, Listen In). You can even read up on the good things people say about Mindhearted on the Praise page.

Thank you for visiting and be Mindhearted!

Kara Burrell Wright

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